Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CVMA Quilt coming up.

Hey all!

Dontcha just love sewing?  I do.  I am getting ready (here in the south, we say "fixin' to") make a quilt for the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association's Chapter 28-3 Auxiliary to have on hand to auction off.  I'm seriously excited about it.  I'm hoping that it'll bring them quite a bit of money to support the members.

What is Combat Vets you ask?  It's a motorcycle association (NOT CLUB!) of combat veterans.  I'm married to a combat vet who loves his motorcycle just slightly less than he loves me.  I'm also part of the auxiliary.  I am starting on this quilt for their rally that they hold regionally every year.  Since I'm having a baby sometime in the month of April, and will be down for a little bit, I need to get this done early to have some down time when I need it.

This is the pattern I've chosen to make the blocks with modification. The large triangles will be red.  The small  1/2 triangles touching them will be black and the hourglass triangles will be yellow.  There's reason for those colors.  In the CVMA, the gold (yellow) represents all branches of service, the red is for the blood shed in war and the black is for death that war brings.   The quilt block is called crosses and losses.  I think that is SO poignant.

So, when I get the fabric, I'll be posting everything!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello and welcome to Sew Very Much!  I'm Heather, I'll be your tour guide...

I love crafting.  I have a paper crafting blog (that I kind of combined with other crafts, but it primarily focuses on paper crafting over at www.paper-junkie.blogspot.com and if you're sew (get it?!) inclined, feel free to check that out there!

What I'm going to be focusing on here:  Sewing!  tada.  kind of a no-brainer with that one!  But I will be showcasing patterns either free or purchased and I'll also show you where to get them.  Currently, I'm in love with Olabelhe patterns for dresses.  I'm in no way affiliated with her, but I do know her (via email and her facebook page!) and Dawn is a creative genius!

Lately, I've also been making pants out of fleece for the wee ones (5 with one on the way!) for winter to keep them warm.  I'm making matching slippers which I will post in my next post!

Anyway, thanks for visiting!  I'm glad you've come. Sit a spell, and sew to your heart's content!